About Us

“When my life is measured in months, weeks, days, hours, I want to live free of pain, free of indignity, free of loneliness; give me your hand, give me your understanding, give me your love, then let me go peacefully and help my family to understand (a Cancer Patient’s Prayer)

We talk to them assuring them that “No matter what happens to you we will not desert you”. When I am tired a hand should be near, when I am in pain I need consolation, heart must touch heart, if not what is the use of sympathy.

The RCC doctors and nursing staff regularly impart necessary training to the Asraya volunteers to make them proficient in this endeavor. A heart-felt thanks to
1. Dr.Paul Sebastian -  Director
2. Dr.Ramdas.K -  Superintendent.
3. Dr.P.G.Jayaprakash -  Addl.Director
     Dr. Kusumakumari.P -  Addl.Director
4. Dr Latha -  Assistant Professor in Sociology (RCC-Asraya Co-ordinator)
5. Dr.M Krishnan Nair -  Founder Director of RCC
6. Dr.B.Rajan -  Former Director RCC
7. Dr. Manjula -  Former Doctor in Charge of Asraya.
8. Dr. Jayaprakash Madhavan  -  Former Superintendent
9. Dr. Cherian Koshy -  HOD, Pain and Palliative Care
10.Sr. Kumari Thankam.S -  Former Nursing Staff in Charge, Palliative Care Division.

They have helped us immensely in our work.